Sunday, September 30, 2007

Aurburn Postgame


  1. Why did they have to have the game on the ship!!!

    Oh well, you'd be lying to yourself if you thought we'd escape 'em all.

    I'm thinking 3 losses and a Bowl win would be pretty admirable at this point. The SEC Championship Game seems a bit of a stretch, but who knows.

  2. I took this loss pretty hard. Harder than I took the one last year. I thought I was growing out of taking losses hard... but I guess not.

    I guess I feel we should have won this game. It was at home and we have all the tools. Where are the drag routes? Those would have worked all day against that cover 2 stacked box. Tebow can scramble enough for it to develop. Where is the triple option with the interior back? They ran it with Leak, but they can't with Tebow? The playbook is obviously not that dynamic right now. Our D held them to 20... should have been enough to win.

    Auburn gets us with those close ones... that's for sure. 93, 94, 00, 06, 07.

    It's never as good as it seems, and it's never as bad as it seems. It's usually somewhere in the middle.

  3. My biggest issue is that it was at home and we beat ourselves.

    That is just unacceptable.

    We did not lose to a team that is better than us. We made them look like rockstars, because of not only youth, but players with their heads up their asses.

    How many times are we gonna get flagged for the same penalties??? And they were all legitimate.

    Our defense is young yes, but they are also not very smart and that's what's gonna cost us a handful of more losses this season in my opinion.

    Losing at home and on national televeision... Pfft.

  4. Secondary its just too young right now and hopefully then can better by next week. How many times are they going to try and run tebow up the middle for two yard gains i know he is amazing but thats why we have RB and I think we need to open the passing game up just a little more but I'm optimistic and still think we can reach the NC. I also turned Bre into a gator fan already she actually watched the game and would get mad when I would check out the other games during timeouts she kept telling me to put the gator game back on and she also thought the d sucked and that we should not have ran tebow so many times

  5. The loss was horrible and we did beat ourselves with stupid penalties and bad offensive play calling but I think it is important that with such a young team we never gave up. We came back from a 17-3 deficit to tie the game when we need to and we were able to adjust during half so the we did look much better during the second half. And maybe this will give us the drive to beat LSU next week.
    What happened to the team singing the alma mater and fight song? I thought they were supposed to do it win or lose.

  6. Some good stats on the "close ones" I mentioned above taken from a post on Gatorcountry:

    The most frustrating thing about Auburn, just from a head to head standpoint:

    Head to Head wins since 1990:
    Gators 11
    Auburn 5

    Total Points Scored:
    Gators: 504
    Auburn: 284

    Average Margin of victory:
    Gators: 22 points (combined 242 points)
    Auburn: 4.4 points (combined 22 points)

    (Yes, that's right, we've beaten Auburn on an single average win, by the same amount of points as they've beaten us combined in their 5 wins)

    Margins of Victory:
    Gators 41, 21, 15, 11, 41, 14, 21, 18, 31, 22, 7
    Auburn 3, 3, 3, 10 (6 points on a last second meaningless TD), 3

    With the exception of 2002, Auburn's gotten all of the bounces in close games (I would count 2006 in there as well with that) and they haven't been able to compete in many of the other games.

    So, at least when people talk about what a great series it's been, it's thanks to the Gators having the competitive teams year in and year out.

    Very frustrating, Auburn's been a thorn in our side that's for sure. Those 5 losses have been very memorable ones.

  7. Yes, Tebow up the middle is great when it is not relied upon. It will win us a lot of games, but obviously not all. We have to open it up some I think... however I've not heard that come out of Meyer's mouth yet.

    Good point about the young kids not giving up. A young team that fights back is a real good sign. They are back at practice today and hopefully fired up to practice hard.

  8. Mullen had his appendix removed Friday night and still called the game on Saturday.

    “I get a phone call at about 11:30 [p.m. Friday] that he was going to have an appendectomy,” Meyer said. “[Mullen] is a tough guy.”

  9. Nice shank punt to set up their last drive. Cursed Chas!!!

  10. I did not realize that we had first and goal from the 4 and we had to settle for a field goal on our first drive in the 2nd half.

    That is wrong and dumb.

  11. I took the loss bad, but not this bad!!

    This guy got his 15 minutes. Check out this Chris Fowler Article.

    By the way, for an amusing peek inside the twisted brain of an overzealous fan, there is fun to be had (as always) on YouTube. It's not for the faint of heart because this raging Florida fanatic is dropping f-bombs like there's no tomorrow. See how this fanatic veers from screaming "Meyer You're a Genius!" to calling for his firing a minute later when Auburn completes the upset with a clutch field goal. Enjoy as you watch a dude melt down while his buddies (?) tape his agony. Just have all young people (or those who are bothered by profanity) clear the room!

  12. That guy has issues that I can only apathize with, not on this game, but many a game in the past.

    James, where are the YouTube videos of your victims, aka innocent items of furniture?