Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Billy Donovan Coaching Posts

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  1. I am amazed to see how many journalists and people in the public are awed at the supposed $ offer that Kentucky will make to try to get Donovan.

    The last time I checked, the University of Florida was not Haiti!!!

    $ is not an issue at all in this matter. We will match or exceed any offer Kentucky makes and if that means we will "have to" pay Urban Meyer more, so be it.

    I believe that Billy Donovan will stay at UF until his children graduate from high school and then pursue a job in the NBA.

    I do not see him making what really is a lateral move and going to Kentucky. I am also tired of hearing how Kentucky is one of the three best coaching jobs in the U.S. Last time I checked, UF has been to 3 National Champion Games in this decade and are 2 for 3.

    It is undeniable that Kentucky, UNC and Duke are great jobs, but that is only cuz they aint a damn at any other sport. So yes, the men's bball coach is the real president of those universities.

    I see the only way that Billy leaves is if he wants to be at Kentucky over Florida, fulfilling some dream or giving him the sole spot on the throne, unlike at UF with our dominant football program. And yes, although we have won two back-to-back titles in hoops, we are still a football school first and foremost.

    I will be disappointed if Billy leaves for Kentucky. Will I root against him, I'll have to deal with those emotions if it happens. He recruited Urban Meyer to UF cuz of the family atmosphere... Not that he'd be a hypocrite for leaving after saying such things, but...

    People say Billy has done all he can do at Florida. I disagree. Yes, maybe he will not win another National Title at UF, but if he ends his career at UF, he will be the one and only face on UF's Mount Rushmore of Bball, and he will be the reason there is a mountain to begin with.

    He can never surpass Adolf Rupp and will forever be held to those standards.

    I obviously hope and sincerely believe that Billy will stay at UF and finish his NCAA career here, despite being just 41 now.

  2. He stays and it will be Billy Donovan Court at the O'Connell Center. He leaves, no door prize for him.

    (So lonely to be Bruce Pearl at Tennessee and play on Pat Summit Court, not to take away from her accomplishments, but I do laugh.)

  3. I also strongly believe that our successful football program makes Donovan's recruiting job a bit easier, not that he is not an outstanding recruiter.

    Everywhere you look, it's the Florida Gators. It truly is a Gator Nation.

    We get so much national exposure that kids want to be a part of it. Kentucky football isn't helping him any. You hear about Kentucky during bball season only.

    Besides, to paraphrase Taurean Green, Don't forget about "Da Ladies!"

  4. Wow. Worried about this are you?

    Let me respond to you in the manner of one Jeffrey Wallace P-Cock: "Whatever, we can't control what he's going to do. There's no sense in discussing it."

    But I wouldn't leave you hanging like that, so...

    BD deserves to have a look at UK. It has been a dream of his in the past. Maybe his current situation at UF has surpassed that dream... we shall see.

    I will tell you this... BD is PO'd that I had an extra ticket in the 2nd row to our Elite 8 game and I couldn't give that ticket away to a Gator. He's PO'd that only about 50 Gator fans traveled to Las Vegas and the administration didn't even send the band or pep squad.

    BD is envious that Rupp Arena holds 26k and they sell it out all the time even for Midnight Madness. He is envious of that atmosphere.

    I'm sure Rick Pitino has told him that with all of that fanbase passion comes the fact that 26 wins per season will get you fired.

    Let the man decide.

  5. Press conference today at 4pm EDT. Reports are that BD is staying and that all 04's are leaving. TG the only one without an agent.

  6. BD should be PO's that only 50 fans traveled to Vegas for the game against Kansas. But, is that the fault of the Gator Nation?

    They moved this game to Vegas and played on the same day as the UF/FSU game.

    Could you imagine, if they planed a weekend in G'ville where we played a good football game and BBall game on the same day, what the turn-out would be?

    Anyway, I saw this article and thought you might be interested.


  7. Goodbye to the 04's. That was as sad a press conference as I've seen. They are very sad to leave. What a special group of kids!

  8. Just watched the news conference.

    Billy summed up their emotions best. You don't usually see guys crying whilst declaring for the draft. That's character!!!

    People will mock them for crying, and let em do so. They only wish to have something as special as those guys did.

    It is an honor to have had them represent us so well, but more so, it's so great to see their true unbridled joy.

    Tomorrow will be a celebration of all celebrations and a farewell with many due standing ovations.

    Props to the Gators and the best to them.

  9. Who's going to the celebration???

  10. Not me. Going home with the new fiancee for Easter.

  11. My fav two quotes from the PC:

    "Get that swag T"

    "T, Handle that."

    Al, Jo, T and Corey passed the test of all tests and know the meaning of the word pals. They have completed their training.

  12. You can say that again EZ... it was tough to watch them break down like that. They are not happy about leaving... don't want to go separate ways. They are the definition of PALS.

  13. Are you able to catch who said each of those "T" quotes? I think Noah said one and maybe Horford the other?