Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Misc. Blog Info.

Sup all...


  1. Glad to see those of you that have already joined. Took me a while to navigate the site to see what you can do and how to do it. It's really pain free. You can't do that much fancy stuff, but really, posting pics, creating profiles and posting topics is really all we need.

    Anyway, obviously this blog is for those of us that are in the tailgate only. Not to be snooty or anything... It's just not for the whole free world. Here's who I've invited. Let me know who I have left off.

    Peacock, Jamie, Rich, Chris, Ruth Ann, Scott Reese, Sakura, Aparna, Jaime Jasser, Jim, Darren, Ted, Gene, Todd Miller, Mike Jordan, Bruce, Cassie, Mike, Chris T.

    People I know I need to invite, but who's info. I need: Donna, Stephanie... I apologize if I have any glaring omissions. Just bring them to my attention.

    The only rule that I want to make is to please be selective with the amount of pictures posted. We only have 500 megs to play with in images. I'd say, if you have a really good pic, post it at .5 megs max and the rest at some lower size that we can view and request the original size if we please. Also one to two pics of a drunk Bruce/Peacock will suffice unless it really is a good series of 9.

    Once we start getting more posts, I'll have it archive the posts by week rather than by month, so the site isn't one long page.

    Me and the Maestro Jaime Mulford are the admins of this bad boy site. Any suggestions are encouraged. Complaints should be sent to Chris Spinosa.

    Have fun,