Thursday, August 10, 2006

Fayson and Smith

1. Looks like we have found our third string QB in Jarred Fayson.
2. Curious about what everyone thinks about Ryan Smith. Can He play and contribute in the SEC? He was a non factor last year at Utah.


  1. Unfortunately, I haven't been reading the practice reports. Thanks for the info.

    1. Is Fayson working out exclusively at QB, or is he working both?

    2. Is Ryan Smith eligible this year? In one article I read, Meyer was quoted as saying we were the beneficiary of some new rule. It seemed to imply that it was a rule on transfering, but I couldn't find information on it in any of the articles I read. Anyone know what the rule is that Meyer refers to?

  2. Yes, Ryan Smith is eligible this year. He is playing. It's under the new rule that says you can play without sitting out a year if you have graduated from your previous school, still have eligibility years left and enter a graduate program at the new school.

    So he is a graduate student at UF. He has 2 years of eligibility (including this year.)

    We need that depth!!!

    Bonus rule.

    Here is the link to new rule changes in effect for this season. Of major importance is that now the clock will begin when the kicker kicks it. For instance, if a team scores with 10 seconds left in the game, the other team will have very minimal time to run a Hail Mary or any play. Gay!!!

  3. Here is the official link about Smith (Jaime, what is the HTML code to link it without having to just cut and paste?):

  4. 3rd string QB. I hope we only see him as a decoy or on Successful trick plays.